Fire Exit Sign
Fire Exit Sign


Have an “Evacuation Plan” for you and your family in the event of a fire.

If a fire occurs in your home you may have to get out in dark and difficult conditions. This can be especially challenging if members of your family are very young, older or infirm.  Escaping from a fire will be a lot easier if you have already planned your escape route and know where to go:

  • Involve everyone in the house, including visitors to your home
  • The normal way out is the preferred choice
  • Keep your escape route clear of obstructions
  • Keep keys to doors and windows immediately available  
  • Protect your escape route by closing all doors into it, especially at night
  • Practise using the agreed plan
  • Select a safe meeting place outside
  • Make everyone aware of how to call the fire service

If you are unable to use the normal way out, consider alternative routes:

  • Rear doors
  • Patio doors
  • Windows

Make sure everyone is aware of these alternatives. If you discover a fire, or the smoke alarm sounds, you will only have a short time to get out. If possible:

  • Close the door of the room where the fire is
  • Get everyone out as quickly as possible and stay out
  • Telephone the fire service on 999/112 from a neighbour’s house or mobile phone
  • Never go back into a house until the fire service says it is safe to do so

 If you are cut off by fire, try to remain calm:

  • Close the door and use towels or sheets to block any gaps
  • Try to make your way to the window
  • If the room becomes smoky, crawl along the floor

Open the window and try to attract the attention of others.

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