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Assembly Point



The following fire prevention measures are recommended for adoption in the day to day running of the premises:

Rubbish and Waste: Arrangements should be made for collection and removal of waste at regular intervals.

Smoking: Where permitted, smoking should be restricted to approved areas. In smoking areas, suitable ashtrays should be provided. Ashtrays should be emptied frequently into metal bins, with any smouldering material being extinguished beforehand.

Electrical Installations and Appliances: Inspection and testing of the electrical installation should be carried out by a competent registered electrical contractor in accordance with Irish Standard 10101. Staff should be trained to use electrical equipment correctly and safely, and to report defective electrical equipment.

Storage of Gas Cylinders/Cartridges: Where pressurised gas cylinders are stored in buildings, storage should be in accordance with relevant standards. Flammable liquids should be stored in closed containers.

Vents: Any filters, vents, access points, fans, etc. should be regularly cleaned of oil, grease and dust.

Be prepared

Evacuation Plan: Have an evacuation plan that everyone is aware of. Drills which simulate fire and emergency situations should be carried out on a regular basis.

Clear Escape Routes: Ensure all escape routes are unobstructed, fire resisting doors are kept closed, and exit doors are readily openable at all times

Procedures: Put the following procedures in place and communicate them to Staff:

  • a procedure for raising the alarm;
  • an evacuation procedure for the occupants, including persons with disabilities.
  • a procedure for calling the fire service;
  • a procedure for reporting to pre-determined assembly point(s) and informing designated person(s) of the situation;
  • a procedure for accounting for each person on the premises;
  • a procedure for assisting the fire service on their arrival.

Designated Fire Wardens: Appoint and train fire wardens responsible for leading on the above procedures.

Fire Safety Instructions for Occupants: In addition to instructions for staff, written instructions on the action to be taken by building occupants on the discovery of a fire or on hearing the fire alarm should be displayed in prominent positions throughout the building.

How to use a fire extinguisher
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