Benefits to Employers

Benefits that Retained Firefighters bring to your Organisation

Who is this for? EVERYONE

We all need this service and we can all contribute
It’s for our community

Working firefighter


  • Skilled people
  • Essential Community Service
  • Social responsibility

Job Security

  • Permanent steady role offers security of tenure and helps ensure security in other roles

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Firefighters are integral in local communities. By supporting the fire service you are helping your community
  • Responsibility in the community is more important now than ever
  • Good PR – this is a good news story. Promote your business in the community and show your employees your support

Skills to help your business

  • Emergency management
  • Fire Prevention
  • First Aid and Cardiac First Response
  • Pre Incident Planning
  • Manual Handling Training

Skills for Life

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Quick Thinking
  • Commitment
  • Self Discipline
  • Resilience


  • Retained Firefighters now have one week off for every week they have on
  • Retained Firefighters only respond when needed

Healthy and Supported Staff

  • Occupational Health Medical and Health Screening in place
  • All members have access to professional psychological supports

Community Fire Safety

  • Firefighters educate schools and local communities
  • Local enterprises are part of the fire safety solution
  • Keep your community safe
  • Community Fire Safety
Tesco Firefighter

What can you do?

  • Notify your employees of your local fire station’s recruitment drive
  • Consider any employees who may be eligible to apply for the positions of Retained Firefighters and facilitate their application
  • Facilitate the release of any successful employees when called upon for their role as a Retained Firefighter

What do our current Employers have to say about employing our Retained Firefighters?

Eddie Hickey and Autolaunch Firefighters

Mr. Eddie Hickey Managing Director of AutoLaunch Ltd. Bagenalstown:

The number one benefit of employing a Retained Firefighter at AutoLaunch Ltd is our support of the whole community. 

Another huge benefit is having highly trained emergency service professionals on site.

Ray McGlynn and Homevalue Firefighter

Mr. Ray McGlynn, Managing Director of Lamberts Homevalue, Hacketstown:

As a local Hardware Store we are well rooted in the local communities, they are our customers and we depend on them. Having staff here who are part of the fire service who help to serve and protect these communities means we get to give something back, helping those we rely on. The stronger our local communities are the stronger our business is. In addition to this, having members of staff trained in first aid and emergency response situations on site in our business is good practice, hopefully we never need them to deploy these skills but it gives some peace of mind all the same.

Niall Jordan and Stoneworld

Mr. Niall Jordan of Stoneworld, Bagenalstown:

I would see the main benefit as Stoneworld doing its civic duty with regard to facilitating an employee who also performs a critical job to the benefit of all in society.

John Nolan - Tesco

Mr. John Nolan General manager of Tesco, FairGreen Shopping Centre, Carlow:

As a multinational company, corporately and from a community perspective, employing a Retained Firefighter is the right thing to do. They are highly trained by Carlow Fire & Rescue Service which in turn helps my staff and customers in a time of an emergency. The Retained Firefighters also set the Health & Safety culture in the store and can assist in medical emergencies.’ too.

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