Fire Escape
Fire Escape

Escape Plan

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Draw an Escape Plan from your Home

First draw each floor of your home.


  • Draw in your kitchen – just a square is sufficient.
  • Draw your hall coming off your kitchen.
  • Draw your rooms coming off your hall.


  • Draw in your staircase – it usually runs alongside/parallel to your hall.


  • Draw your landing in the shape you think it is at the top of your staircase.
  • Draw the rooms coming off your landing.

Now, let’s think about an

This will help!

  • Stay close to the floor and make your way to the landing/hallway.
  • This should be relatively clear of smoke particularly if you’ve closed your doors the night before.
  • Make your way to the front door.
  • Open the front door – you should be able to unlock the door without a key or know where the key is close by.
  • Make your way outside to your agreed assembly point.
  • Raise the alarm. You or your neighbour call 999/112.
  • Stay out!
  • Now draw an escape plan based on the instructions above.
  • If your Teacher permits, do one on the whiteboard together!
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