Did you know that if you have difficulty affording an Optical smoke alarm or unit for the hard of hearing, you may be eligible to avail of free one(s) with our Community Smoke Alarm Scheme – Please contact your Local Fire Authority.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms are designed to give you an early warning of a fire. 82% of fires resulting in fatalities had no working Smoke Alarm. An optical smoke alarm is the most common and is cheap.

Optical Smoke Alarm

Best for detecting slow, smouldering fires. Optical smoke alarms should be used in living rooms, circulation areas and escape routes as well as in bedrooms

Heat Alarm

Reacts to heat and is resistant to kitchen fumes such as burnt toast. Heat alarms should be used in kitchen areas as other sensor types are more likely to go into alarm.

Unit for the Hard of Hearing

These units connect to an optical or heat alarm and will alert a person who is deaf or hard of hearing by activating a strobe light and a vibration pad.

How many smoke alarms do I need?

For maximum protection one smoke alarm per room except the bathroom, kitchen and garage. Heat alarms may be considered where fumes from cooking or smoke from cigarettes or open fires could lead to unwanted alarm activations.

For minimum protection one smoke alarm for each level/floor of your home.

Where do I fit them?

On the ceiling as close to the centre of the room as possible.
Keep in mind your ability to hear the smoke alarm at night with the door closed.

Know your Evacuation Plan!

The purpose of a Smoke Alarm is to give an early warning of an outbreak of fire! It is vital that you and your family know exactly what to do when the Smoke Alarm activates.

​Testing and Maintenance

Smoke alarms require very little maintenance but to ensure it operates when needed:

  • Once a week test the smoke alarm by pushing and holding the test button until it activates.
  • Every 6 months vacuum and brush the casing to get rid of dust.
  • Every year change the battery.
  • Before the expiry date, replace the smoke alarm.

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