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Retained firefighters are people within the local community, who are on call to respond to a wide range of emergencies. Many retained firefighters have other full or part-time jobs but when the call comes they are ready to drop whatever they are doing and become part of a team, ready to face any emergency. Although they are part-time they are fully trained and capable of saving life and property. This provides a comprehensive fire brigade service to the community, 24/7 under any conditions.

There are certain personal attributes that are required of any professional firefighter. These include confidence, resilience, adaptability, effective communication, integrity, empathy, and a commitment to diversity.

The main requirement when recruiting Firefighters is that they live and work within a reasonable distance of the Fire Station, and to have a reasonably good level of fitness.

Positions are open to all, regardless of gender. 

Recruitment process

  • Submit application form
  • Basic physical & literacy test
  • Interview & panel formed
  • Medical & Garda vetting

On appointment as retained fire-fighter

  • Attend and successfully pass 3-week initial fire-fighting skills course. Once complete the newly qualified fire-fighter will be given an alerter and will then attend call-outs and training with the remainder of the crew.
  • Within 6-month of starting, undergo a 2 week Breathing Apparatus Initial Wearers Course, followed so after by a 1week Compartment Fire-Fighting course, both of which must be passed.
  • Obtain a category C (truck ) licence within the probation period. (Paid for by the Local Authority)
  • As the career progresses, all firefighters are required to undergo a continuous development training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practical courses and other forms of training to maintain competency levels. They are expected to take responsibility for developing their own skills and ensuring that fitness levels are maintained as the work can be demanding, both physically and mentally.

Normal station routine

When a call is received for the Fire & Rescue Service, the alerters for a particular brigade are activated by the regional control centre, and the firefighters who are on call, respond to the fire station immediately. Firefighters could be at work, at play, or at home in bed when called. They then make their way to the station as quickly and as safely as possible.

All personnel attend a 2-hour weekly training session in their own fire station.

Visit Laois County Council to apply.

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